The L.E.T. Group is a family SME that was founded in 1967 as L.E.T. NV by Jozef Vandewalle. L.E.T. is both locally and internationally active in the field of headlight aiming and driving assistance systems. The first step in that direction was the development of the first "Luminoscopes" in 1980 for Belgian inspection stations.

Over the years the product range has grown and in the meantime L.E.T. grew to be a leading global supplier of adjustment systems for headlamps and driving assistance systems for the automotive industry.

In addition, the L.E.T. Group is active in the development, production, assembly and adjustment of electro-optical measuring devices.

Over the years, numerous precision tools and components have been developed and produced for a variety of industries, ranging from the automotive industry, to nuclear research centres and biomedical applications. To this end, the L.E.T. Group houses four major technologies: precision mechanics - electronics - optics and (vision) software.


To meet the development and design of specific concepts, L.E.T. has its own equipment to develop prototype batches of printed circuit boards.

In addition, all necessary means are available for completing resistant testing, such as a simulation in bad weather conditions (heat, humidity, frost, …)

Precision Mechanics:

The workshop, equipped with lathes and milling machines, is used for the manufacture of prototypes and batches of specific components.


Our know-how in optics allows us to devise specialized solutions for our customers. We have knowledge of thin film coatings, sputtering, optometry, photolithography and manufacture of other optical components.

Software capabilities:

A team of professional software specialists ensures that all new developments can be used.


L.E.T. Automotive NV has several high-tech test areas :

  • Dust-free area -class 10 000- for manufacture and assembly of precise and delicate equipment.

  • Dark Tunnel for the simulation of light patterns of headlights.

  • EMC-space for testing of equipment in an electromagnetic environment

This room can also be rented to third parties.

The L.E.T. Group employs about 70 people, among them many higly skilled people who work in R&D.
Some of our products are certified for various national inspection stations.